Guidelines for the Preparation of Pre-Recorded Presentation

Being an online virtual conference, in order to ensure uninterrupted and hassle-free conduct of the various sessions of the conference, the presenting authors should submit (through the Conference Mail ID: icmss@tkmce.ac.in) their pre-recorded presentations on or before 5th November 2021. While preparing the PPT and recorded presentation, the following guidelines shall be followed.
  1. The maximum duration of the presentation should be 10 minutes (an extra 5 minutes will be given for Q/A and discussion)
  2. The presenting author must be present during his scheduled time of presentation and participate in the presentation/Question-Answer (QA) session and discussion session at the end of screening of his/her pre-recorded presentation
  3. All the contributory oral presenters should refer to the conference presentation schedule for their allotted time slot (the time is shown in Indian Standard Time (IST) – UTC + 5.30).
  4. Format for PPT The following requirements must be incorporated.
    • The conference name and logo should be added to the PPT slides
    • The Title of the paper and the name and affiliation of the presenting author should be indicated in the first slide
    • Each slide should be concise, uncluttered, and readable from a distance (minimum 24 font size for text and minimum 30 font size for titles).
    • Better avoid packed descriptive text in PPT slides (preferably use only keywords and phrases for visual reinforcement).
    • Should not include embedded videos in slides
    • Insert_ (e.g., ICMSS 2021_Paper ID:123) in the first and last slides
    • Insert slide numbers in all slides except the first slide
    • Refer to the sample PPT given on the website
  5. The pre-recorded presentation video (.MPEG-4 format) should contain a prominent view of the presentation slides along with audio of the presenter. The recording must also contain a small headshot of the presenter. The following guidelines may be followed.
    • The duration of the presentation should be for a maximum of 10 minutes
    • The video should be clear and legible with minimum file size.
    • Save the video file in the name format: < ICMSS 2021>_.mp4 (e.g., ICMSS 2021_145.mp4)
    • The presentation can be recorded using any of the available software for that purpose. For the information of the authors, a few commonly used software tools are listed below.
Before submission, please review your recorded presentation and make sure that the slides, audio, and headshots of the presenter are clear and the length of the presentation is not exceeding 10 minutes.